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Thomas G. Hinton, Ph.D.

Affiliate Faculty,
Fukushima University
Institute of Environmental Radioactivity

Office: 1 Kanayagawa, Fukushima, 960-1296, Japan
Office Phone: +81--080-9010-7518


Dr. Hinton's PubMed Publications

Institute of Environmental Radioactivity


Ph.D.: Radiation Ecology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO: 1989

M.S.: Radiation Ecology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO: 1983

B.S.: Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO: 1976

Selected Publications

Deryabina, T. G., S. V. Kuchmel, L. L. Nagorskaya, T. G. Hinton, J. C. Beasley, A. Lerebours, J.T. Smith (in press). Long term census data reveal abundant wildlife populations at Chernobyl. Current Biology.

Stark, K., D. Scott, O. Tsyusko, D. Coughlin, T. G. Hinton. 2015. Multi-level effects of low dose rate ionizing radiation on Southern Toad, Anaxyrus [Bufo] terrestris. Plos one. DOI:1371/journal.pone.0125327.

Hinton, T. G., M. Byrne, S. Webster, J. Beasley. 2015. Quantifying the spatial and temporal variation in dose from external exposure to radiation: A new tool for use on free-ranging wildlife. J. Environ. Rad. 145:58-65.

Gonze,M-A., P. Renaud, I. Korsakissok, H. Kato, T. Hinton, C. Mourlon, M. Simon-Cornu. 2014. Assessment of dry and wet atmospheric deposits of radioactive aerosols: Application to Fukushima radiocaesium fallout.  Env. Sci & Tech. 48:11268-76.

Pinder, J., E., D. Rowan, J. Rasmussen, J. Smith, T. G. Hinton and W. Whicker. 2014. Development and evaluation of a regression-based model to predict cesium concentration ratios fro freshwater fish. J. Environ. Rad. 134:89-98.

Grygoryev, D., O. Moskalenko, T. G. Hinton and J. D. Zimbrick. 2013. DNA damage caused by chronic transgenerational exposure to low dose gamma radiation in medaka fish (Oryzias latipes). Rad. Res. 180:235-246.

Fisher, N. S., K. Beaugelin-Seiller,  T. G. Hinton, Z. Baumann, D. Madigan, and J. Garnier-Laplace. 2013. Evaluation of radiation doses and associated risk from the Fukushima nuclear accident to marine biota and human consumers of seafood. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences. 110:10670-10675.

Hinton, T. G., J. Garnier-Laplace; H. Vandenhove; M. Dowdall; C. Adam-Guillermin; F.Alonzo; C. Barnett; K. Beaugelin-Seiller; N. A. Beresford; J. Brown; F. Eyrolle; L. Fevrier; J-C. Gariel; T.Hertel-Aas; N. Horemans; B. J. Howard; T. Ikaheimonen; J.C. Mora; D. Oughton; A. Real; B. Salbu; M.Simon-Cornu; M. Steiner; L. Sweeck; J. Vives i Batlle. 2013. An invitation to contribute to a strategic research agenda in radioecology. J. Environ. Rad. 115:73-82.

Garnier-Laplace, J., S. Geras’kin, C. Della-Vedova,  K. Beaugelin-Seiller, T. G. Hinton, A. Real, A. Oudalova. 2013. Are radiosensitivity data derived from natural field conditions consistent with data from controlled exposures? A case study of Chernobyl wildlife chronically exposed to low dose rates. J. Environ. Rad. 121:12-21.

Smith, R.W., C. B. Seymour, R. D. .Moccia, T. G. Hinton and C. E. Mothersill. 2013. The induction of a radiation–induced bystander effect in fish transcends taxonomic group and trophic level. Intern. J. Rad. Bio. 89:225-233.

Stark, K., D.E. Scott, O. Tsyusko, D. P. Coughlin and T. G. Hinton. 2012. Effects of two stressors on amphibian larval development. Ecotoxicology and Envrionmental Safety 79:283-287.

Adam-Guillermin, C., Pereira, S., Della-Vedova, C., Hinton, T. and Garnier-Laplace, J. 2012. Genotoxic and Reprotoxic Effects of Tritium and External Gamma Irradiation on Aquatic Animals. IN: Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. (Editor, D. M. Whitacre). Pg 69-103. Springer Science. DOI 10.1007/978-1-46143414-6_3.

Hinton, T. G., D. Coughlin, Yi Yi, T. Glenn, and J. Zimbrick. 2012. Reproductive effects from chronic, multi-generational, low dose rate exposures to radiation. In: Radiobiology and Environmental Security.  (Ed: C. Mothersill, V. Korogod & C. Seymour). NATO Advance Research Workshop; Science for Peace Series. SpringerLink, The Netherlands. ISBN 978-94-007-1939-2. pg.219-232.

Geras’kin, S.A., A.A. Oudalova, V.G. Dikarev, N.S. Dikareva, E.M. Mozolin, T. Hinton, S.I. Spiridonov, D. Copplestone, J. Garnier-Laplace. 2012. Effects of chronic exposure in populations of Koeleria gracilis Pers. from the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, Kazakhstan.  J. Environ. Rad. 104:55-63.

Beresford, N. A., C. Adam-Guillermin, J. M. Bonzom, J. Garnier-Laplace, T. Hinton, C. Lecomte, D. Copplestone. 2012. Comment on “Abundance of birds in Fukushima as judged from Chernobyl” by Moller et al. (2012). Environmental Pollution 169:136.

Beresford, N. A., C. Adam-Guillermin, J. M. Bonzom, J. Garnier-Laplace, T. Hinton, C. Lecomte, D. Copplestone, C. Della-Vedova, C. Ritz. 2012. Response to authors’ reply regarding “Abundance of birds in Fukushima as judged from Chernobyl” by Moller et al (2012). Environmental Pollution 169: 139-140.

Oskolkov, B., Bondarkov, M., Gashchak, S.,  Maksimenko, A., Hinton, T. G., Coughlin. D., Jannik, T.G., and Farfán, E.B. 2011. Radiation dose assessment for the biota of terrestrial ecosystems in the shoreline zone of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Pond. Health Physics 101:349-361.

Geras'kin, S,, Oudalova, A., Dikareva, N., Spiridonov, S., Hinton, T., Chernonog, E., Garnier-Laplace, J. 2011. Effects of radioactive contamination on Scots pines in the remote period after the Chernobyl accident. Ecotoxicology 20:1195-1208.

Smith, R. W., Mothersill, C., Hinton, T., Seymour, CB. 2011. Exposure to low level chronic radiation leads to adaptation to a subsequent acute X-ray dose and communication of modified acute X-ray induced bystander signals in medaka (Japanese rice fi sh, Oryzias latipes). Int. J. Rad. Bio. 87 :964-973.

Garnier-Laplace, J., Beaugelin-Seiller, K., Hinton, T.G., 2011. Fukushima wildlife dose reconstruction signals ecological consequences. Env. Sci. & Tech.  45:5077-5078.

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