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A woman in India cooking a meal on a traditional style wood stove.

 Nearly half the world's population uses primitive stoves - often fueled by wood or charcoal - for cooking. The STOVES Study aims to understand whether improved stove technology has the potential to improve human health.

Subclinical Tests on Volunteers Exposed to Smoke:

The STOVES Study at Colorado State University

Approximately three billion people worldwide rely on solid fuel combustion to meet basic domestic energy needs. Many of these households use inefficient and highly polluting cookstoves to meet these needs.  The purpose of the STOVES (“Subclinical Tests on Volunteers Exposed to Smoke”) Study is to investigate whether ‘improved’ stove technologies – stoves that are more efficient and less polluting – can also improve health. In this study, researchers are measuring short-term changes inside the body (markers of heart and lung health) associated with air pollution exposure generated by different types of cookstoves.

The STOVES Study team is currently seeking volunteer participants. Our study takes place at the Powerhouse Campus at CSU (located at 430 North College Avenue). As a participant, you will be asked to breathe different levels of smoke generated by cooking stoves. These levels are similar to what you would experience around a campfire. Afterwards, you will stay at the Powerhouse Energy Campus until approximately 6pm for follow-up health measurements and return the next morning for a final measurement. You will have several hours of free time during each study day. We are asking you to participate in six study periods lasting about 30 hours each over the course of three months. Financial compensation is provided for your time. If you are interested in participating in the study now or in the near future, please see the “How to Volunteer” page.

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STOVES Study Factsheet

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