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Colorado State University STOVES study
STOVES Study Volunteering

​Who are we recruiting for the STOVES Study?

We are recruiting healthy adults (between 18 and 35 years) who are not current or past smoker. Volunteers should live in Northern Colorado.

What does the study involve?

Our study takes place at the Powerhouse Campus at CSU. You will be asked to breathe different amounts of smoke generated by cooking stoves for two hours. You will stay at the Powerhouse Energy Campus for the rest of the day for follow-up health measurements and return the next morning for a final measurement. You will have several hours of free time during each study day. You will be asked to complete six study periods over a three month timeframe. Study periods will be planned at least two weeks apart. This means you will be involved with the study for a minimum of 12 weeks. We will provide you with more detailed information about the study after you submit a recruitment form.

How to Volunteer

  1. Before you decide to volunteer, please read the STOVES Study Factsheet and STOVES Study FAQs.

  2. If you have further questions, please contact the STOVES Study Team (

  3. If you are still interested in volunteering for the STOVES Study, please complete and submit the Recruitment Form.

    Note: The recruitment form's automatic submission button works best with Internet Explorer browsers and will not work with Google Chrome. Chrome users may complete the form, save it to their desktop, and attach to an e-mail message. Send completed forms to

After you submit the recruitment form, we will contact you to follow up about your eligibility.  We will also provide you with more information about the study so that you can make an informed decision about whether to participate.  Please note that submitting a recruitment form only indicates your interest in participating, and is not a commitment to participate. 

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