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Human Studies

​Clinical Research Study: BENEFICIAL

Beans/Bran Enriching Nutritional Eating For Intestinal health & Cancer Including Activity for Longevity is a human clinical research study designed to help identify whether foods such as beans or rice bran, combined with regular physical activity, can lower the risk of colorectal cancer. This research study is a collaboration at Colorado State University, which seeks to improve compliance to lifestyle recommendations and physical activity guidelines for cancer.


Clinical Trial: Healthy Hearts

 Healthy Hearts is a human clinical research study designed to learn if the addition of cooked navy bean powder, dietary rice bran or a combination of both to the diet can improve cholesterol levels in children.  Many studies indicate that increasing intake of plant-based foods, specifically whole grains and legumes, can protect against CVD.   Rice bran and its bioactive components (e.g. γ -oryzanol and tocotrienols) have shown to lower serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels in both animal and human trials. Additionally, individuals that eat dry beans (e.g. pinto, black, navy) have better nutrient intake levels (e.g. fiber, potassium, zinc, iron), weight maintenance, and blood pressure readings compared to non-bean consumers.  Although these are promising CVD risk modifying interventions, most of this dietary research in rice bran and dry beans have been completed in adults. Very little is known if these foods have similar CVD protective outcomes in children with CVD risk factors.

This research study is being offered in collaboration by Colorado State University and the Medical Center of the Rockies Research Group.

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