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Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences

The Department of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences is home to one of the largest environmental health programs in the nation, and the only one that incorporates radiological health into its core curriculum. Students and researchers in environmental health investigate how natural and built environments affect human and animal health and seek solutions to minimize negative health consequences of environmental and workplace exposures. Radiological health has a long tradition at CSU focused on the biological effects of radiation, including laboratory studies of the damaging effects of radiation, and clinical uses of radiation in diagnostic imaging and cancer therapy.

  • Fukushima, japan, students, ERHS, health physics
    Students from Fukushima recently visited CSU, and our grad students in Health Physics traveled to Japan, to learn from radiation experts in the two places. For CSU students, the cultural exchange shone new light on the nuclear accident.​
  • Astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly
    ​Famous astronaut twins are now guinea pigs in NASA's twins study.  Dr. Susan Bailey is one of the lead scientists conducting research on the twins.  She will look at how space affects aging and cancer.  Dr. Bailey spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner on Colorado Public Radio. 
  • Welder in machine shop
    ​According to researchers at CSU, workplaces that value employees' safety and well-being as much as company productivity yield the greatest rewards.  ERHS Professor, Dr. John Rosecrance was one of scientists involved in the study.
  • hicahs, dairy workers, protecting
    The dairy industry is thriving in Colorado, and researchers in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences are teaming with area dairies to study ways to protect farm workers from respiratory illness, which can occur with dust inhalation on the job.
  • Fukushima effects of radiation
    Our college and Fukushima University are together hiring a world-renowned radioecology expert to help study the environmental effects of radioactive releases after a nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in spring 2011.​​​

 Fukushima Student Ambassador Program


 Ergonomics Graduate Program in ERHS

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