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Georgiana Brooke Anderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,

Office: 146 Environmental Health (EH)
Office Phone: 970-491-1889


Dr. Anderson's PubMed Publications





Dr. Anderson is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University in the Department of Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences, as well as a Faculty Associate in the Department of Statistics. She is also a member of the university’s Partnership of Air Quality, Climate, and Health and is a member of the editorial boards of Epidemiology and Environmental Health Perspectives. Previously, she completed a postdoctoral appointment in Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public and a PhD in Engineering at Yale University. Her research focuses on the health risks associated with climate-related exposures, including heat waves and air pollution, for which she has conducted several national-level studies. As part of her research, she has also published a number of open source R software packages to facilitate environmental epidemiologic research. 


Ph.D.: Environmental Engineering, Yale University, New Haven, CT: 2010

M.Phil.: Yale University, New Haven, CT: 2006

B.S.: Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC: 2004

B.A.: French Language and Literature, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC: 2002

Selected Publications

Jalonne White-Newsome, Brenda Ekwurzel, Mia Baer-Schultz, Marie O’Neill, and G. Brooke Anderson. 2014. “Survey of county-level preparedness and response to the 2011 summer heat in 30 U.S. states.” Environmental Health Perspectives. 122(6):573-579.

Aaron Fisher, G. Brooke Anderson, Roger Peng, and Jeff Leek. 2014. “A randomized trial in a massive online course shows people donâ?A ´ Zt know what a statistically significant relationship looks like, but they can learn.” PeerJ. 2:e589.

Jaime Madrigano, Darby Jack, G. Brooke Anderson, Michelle L. Bell, and Patrick L. Kinney. “Temperature, ozone, and mortality in urban and non-urban counties in the Northeastern United States.” In press, Environmental Health.

Diane M. Gubernot, G. Brooke Anderson, and Katherine L. Hunting. “Characterizing occupational heat-related mortality in the United States, 2000-2010: An analysis using the census of fatal occupational injuries database.” In press, American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Diane M. Gubernot, G. Brooke Anderson, and Katherine L. Hunting. “The epidemiology of occupational heat exposure in the United States: A review of the literature and assessment of research needs in a changing climate.” In press, International Journal of Biometeorology.

Elisaveta P. Petkova, Daniel A. Bader, G. Brooke Anderson, Radley M. Horton, Kim Knowlton, and Patrick L. Kinney. “Heat-related mortality in a warming climate: Projections for 12 U.S. cities.” In press, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

G. Brooke Anderson. 2014. “Commentary: Tolstoy’s heat waves: Each catastrophic in its own way?” Epidemiology. 25(3):365-367.

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