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Alexander Brandl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Office: 339 Molecular and Radiological Bioscience (MRB)
Office Phone: 970-491-2292


Dr. Brandl's PubMed Publications

Dr. Brandl's MCNP Page





Dr. Brandl's research interests include: *Radiation physics *Operational health physics *Computer simulation of radiation fields, sheilding, detector efficiencies *Radionuclide transport *Environmental and workplace monitoring *Internal dosimetry.


Ph.D.: Physics, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM: 2002

M.S.: Physics, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM: 1999

B.S.: Physics and Mathematics, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM: 1996

Selected Publications

Brandl, A. An Analytical Approach to Calculating the Dose to Animals Due to External Exposure. Health Phys. 102(6), 687-695 (2012).

Valentin, C. P., Kratky, J., Brandl, A. Investigation of Alpha and Beta Self-Absorption Factors in the Calibration of Water Sample Measurements. Health Phys. 103(2), S124-S130 (2012).

Brandl A. The Standard Model of Particle Physics in the Health Physics Framework. Health Physics 100 (6), 660 - 661, 2011.

McMillan D., Johnson T. E., Guo Y., Brandl A. A Plan for the Handling of Externally Contaminated Livestock. Health Physics 101 (5), S164 - S169, 2011.

Zoeger N., Brandl A. Dose Rate Distribution from a Standard Waste Drum Arrangement. Health Physics 101 (5), S142 - S147, 2011.

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