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 "Epidemiologists are part detective and part statistician, part anthropologist and part physician. Like bookies of disease, stalking the globe to determine point-spreads on which groups of people are most likely to get which diseases." -H. Shodell

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What is Epidemiology?

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of disease in human and animal populations. Diseases are not randomly distributed in populations and there are certain risk factors that influence diseases such as genetics and environmental elements.

Epidemiologists work around the world studying diseases, outbreaks and trends in populations to help prevent and control diseases.

Goals of Epidemiology

  • Identify the cause of a disease and its risk factors
  • Determine the extent of the disease in the community
  • Study the natural history and prognosis of disease
  • Evaluate existing and newly developed preventative and therapeutic measures of health care delivery
  • Provide the foundation for developing public policy

Degree Programs

We offer two degrees in Environmental Health, specializing in Epidemiology: MS (Plan A or Plan B) and PhD. These degree programs provide a broad background in theoretical and quantitative epidemiology as well as substantive expertise related to the student's research topic.

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