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 The Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence program and Dr. Laurie Fonken, DVM Student Counselor, provide extensive wellness related training to DVM students.

Wellness Curriculum

Healer's Art

​During veterinary education, while it is crucial to learn medicine and science, it is important to address competencies such as professionalism, self-care, meaning, and community. The Healer’s Art provides an opportunity to infuse healing, service, wholeness and relationship into veterinary education.  

finding meaning in medicine

​More and more veterinarians and veterinary students are looking for ways to connect to their work, with one another, and to themselves. Finding Meaning in Veterinary Medicine (FMVM) is a discussion group that provides a forum to develop this connection. These conversations are circles of exploration, discovery and sharing.

compassion fatigue

​Compassion fatigue, depression, and suicide in the veterinary community has been prominent in the news recently. The prevalence of suicide in the veterinary field is high, with other animal care workers not far behind. Dancing Dog blog hosted a podcast to define compassion fatigue, explain the symptoms, and offer ways to manage risk at the practice level, in shelters, and in animal rescues, where individuals are often working alone and out of their homes. Featured in the podcast are Dr. Apryl Steele and Dr. Jane Shaw. 

Free Downloadable Podcast: Managing Risk in Animal Care

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