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Dr. Tim Holt teaches a student veterinary communication techniques during one of his classes at Colorado State University

 Welcome to Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence - enhancing the lives of people and animals one conversation at a time.

Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence

Enhancing the Lives of People and Animals One Conversation at a Time.

You Expect your Veterinarian To:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Inform you of how to provide the best care
  • Respect your decisions
  • Be a partner with you and your animal

Communication is at the heart of providing high-quality medical care for your animal and is key to building trust and rapport with you the caregiver.

Our passion is teaching best practices in veterinary communication to ensure that our graduates and practicing veterinarians are confident and skilled at building partnerships.

To ensure best care for the animal, build a strong relationship with the client and to enhance competence and fulfillment in client interactions and practice.


Recent News

  • Dr. Jane Shaw at Colorado State University, JAVMA
    ​The October 2015 addition of JAVMA News, highlights that Jane Shaw was a pioneer in veterinary communication and that CSU is still innovating today in teaching and research. The work of Dr. Shaw has had a profession-wide impact.
  • euthanasia decision making
    ​As you contemplate the potential timing of euthanasia, your pet’s quality of life will be a key consideration. The time for euthanasia usually arrives when a pet’s quality of life greatly diminishes.​​​
  • veterinary communication
    ​Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence prepares students to establish trusting client relationships and tackle difficult conversations.
  • Jenny Ross, Veterinary Communication, Ross Award
    For the second year in a row, fourth-year DVM student Jenny Ross received the BECA award for displaying relationship-centered communication skills during a videotaped interaction with a client. Jenny receives a generous award from Bayer Animal Health for her exemplary communication skills. Congratulations Jenny and many thanks to Bayer for supporting this award!
  • veterinary communication program
    ​In the most recent Alumni Survey (2013 graduates), 88% of alumni surveyed said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the communication training they received at CSU.  Communication ranked as one of the skills they felt most prepared for as a result of their veterinary education.  When alumni were asked “what are the top 2 strengths of the CSU DVM program”, they mentioned the communication curriculum in 15 of 30 responses.
  • melida frye, accreditation
    "​The AVMA COE site visit team called out the VCPE as a unique and highly valuable component of our DVM curriculum. We are fortunate to have this program which promotes development of a critically important skill set in our graduates. Ultimately,  - effective and compassionate communication optimizes the veterinarian-client relationship and leads to better outcomes for our veterinary patients." - Dr. Melinda Frye, Associate Dean Veterinary Academic and Student Affairs, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
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