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Communication Skills Coaching Workshop

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This workshop is designed for practitioners, communication teachers and other educators responsible for coaching individuals or teams, facilitating small groups, supervising colleagues and conducting in-the-moment coaching for hospital or clinic teams. 

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to train with the leading experts in Communication Skills Coaching in a two-day experiential program. A limited workshop registration and a low instructor: participant ratio (1:5) ensures a personalized learning experience with individual feedback. The experiential nature of the workshop enables participants to practice coaching skills and to receive helpful feedback that will allow for the immediate implementation of learned skills in the teaching or practice setting.

In this intensive workshop, you will learn:

  • A structured and step-wise coaching process that works

  • Facilitation skills that challenge and support learners

  • Skills for providing effective and constructive feedback

  • Approaches to overcoming common challenges with learning and coaching communication skills

  • Clinical communication skills to model for your veterinary teams

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Workshop Testimonials

This workshop helped me take my coaching skills to the next level. I gained comfort and confidence in both seeking and giving feedback to students. I enjoyed the chance to practice coaching skills in a very realistic setting through interactions with actors and colleagues. The leader of this program is one of the best in our profession, providing a one-of-a-kind, personalized learning opportunity. I strongly recommend the CSU Communication Coach Training Workshop to anyone who is actively involved in teaching communication skills to professional students, whether a novice or experienced coach.

- Jim Clark, DVM, MBA  “Doctoring” course leader, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine 
Participating in this workshop gave us 5 specifically trained coaches, all of whom raved about the workshop and were even more excited about building our program afterwards. Now that there is a group of us at Penn Vet that have had this opportunity I find that our "coaches warm-ups" that we hold before student communication labs are deeply rewarding experiences where we have the opportunity to learn from one another and feed off of one another's enthusiasm. That culture will help us enlist more people to the program and ultimately expand the communication skills curriculum as well as enhance everyone's abilities and enjoyment as educators.

- Dr. Erika Krick and Dr. Kathryn Michel, Penn Vet

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