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veterinarian speaks with a client and his dog

 Communication is a lifelong skill and essential to the veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

Communication Curriculum

Benefits of Communication Coaching
Communication Laboratory

Communication is a core clinical skill that enhances the veterinarian-client-patient relationship and clinical outcomes resulting in healthier animals, satisfied clients and fulfilled veterinarians. Read more about our innovative teaching philosophy.

At Colorado State University, we are proud of our internationally-recognized communication curriculum that features:

  • Communication laboratories with actor-educators, videotaping and feedback
  • Video-equipped exam and observation rooms
  • Core communication courses throughout the four-year veterinary curriculum
  • Dedicated communication faculty with specialized training

Click here for more information and a full description of our communication curriculum.

What People are Saying About our Communication Curriculum

Alexa Veale veterinary communication

​"I want to be the best veterinarian that I can be, which means practicing, building, and fine-tuning my communication skills, not just this week but throughout the rest of my career. I appreciate the practice I receive at CSU in the communication laboratories. I experienced a surge of confidence that was welcomed, refreshing and inspirational to me."
– Alexa Veale, DVM Student

​“We need a safe place to build our professional style of relationship-building and partnering with a client that does not take for granted we know how to do it, yet allows us the freedom to be ourselves and try things out. Junior Practicum Communication labs provided this opportunity.”
- Dr. Katherine Alley, CSU alumni class of 2015

Diann Patton

“My veterinarians were invaluable to me and my dog Hoover. Their ability to communicate in clear yet compassionate terms helped me make sense of the complex medical information and the options available to us for treatment. They enabled me to make the best decisions for Hoover, not based solely on his illness, but also his quality of life.”
Diann Patton, CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital client

Teva Stone

"​Thanks to the communication skills I learned at CSU, I graduated ready to build partnerships with my clients. Strong communication is vital for a successful practice as well as relationship with your clients. Understanding how to deliver information and truly hear a client’s needs and concerns is priceless."
- Dr. Teva Stone, Wellington Veterinary Hospital, CSU alumni class of 2009

​DVM Alumni Survey Feedback, DVM Class of 2017

An Exemplary Student Learning Experience

  • Communication training throughout the entire 4 years, where we actually get coaching, practice, and feedback. This is honestly the only part of the entire program where these learning mechanisms are instituted, which is why the CSU Communication Program is so well-regarded and respected.
  • Communication. I do not have many peers at other universities that have this level of training. If every aspect of the program was as well-designed and implemented as communication I would be truly confident and competent as I go into practice.
  • Our communication course. This is an important aspect of medicine and I feel CSU does an amazing job of preparing us.
  • The communication course. Although over the top, I learned a lot. After interviewing, this is highly valued by practices that are hiring.

Students’ Delayed Gratification

  • Communication course was painful at the time, but an excellent learning experience.
  • Communication. I might have hated it in the moment, but it was a very valuable experience. I also think it helped me communicate better in my person life as well.
  • Communication. People hate it, but practicing with actors is actually helpful whether we like it or not.
  • Communication. Though this may not be a popular opinion, it was good to have supportive environment in which we could practice scenarios, such as euthanasia, cancer, and financial discussions.
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