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Dr. Johnston examines a bird

 Further your education with training resources from the Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence.

Additional Training Opportunities

International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine

​ICCVM is a unique, interactive conference that links current research in veterinary communication to practical applications in veterinary-client interactions, veterinary team dynamics and veterinary communication education and curricula development. Participants are a diverse, progressive interdisciplinary group of veterinary practitioners, veterinary medical educators and researchers who represent the leading edge of professional communication advancement.

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​This series of 10 articles defines 20 skills for your communication toolbox to guide the most routine and the most challenging client interactions.

institute for healthcare communication - veterinary medicine

The Veterinary Communication Project at the Institute for Health Communication was developed to address gaps in veterinary communication training at veterinary schools. To address those gaps, the Project produced 16 educational modules with tools and resources for improving communication skills on a variety of topics. IHC holds an annual week-long train-the-trainer (faculty development) course in New Haven, Connecticut for faculty members from academic institutions and veterinary organizations.

​VCPE: Program Accolades

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