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Dr. Johnston examines a bird

 Further your education with training resources from the Veterinary Communication for Professional Excellence.

Additional Training Courses

​This workshop is designed for practitioners, communication teachers and other educators responsible for coaching individuals or teams, facilitating small groups, supervising colleagues and conducting in-the-moment coaching for hospital or clinic teams.

International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine

​ICCVM is a unique, interactive conference that links current research in veterinary communication to practical applications in veterinary-client interactions, veterinary team dynamics and veterinary communication education and curricula development. Participants are a diverse, progressive interdisciplinary group of veterinary practitioners, veterinary medical educators and researchers who represent the leading edge of professional communication advancement.

​This series of articles is your skills toolbox to help guide your most routine and challenging practice interactions - including complex end-of-life conversations, medical errors, and financial discussions.

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