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Donor Information

Colorado State University hopes you share our vision of building a world-class institute dedicated to advancing the field of biologic and stem-cell research. Your commitment, coupled with the outstanding reputation of our College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, will ensure that the C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute is the world leader in translational biologic medicine. We respectfully ask that you partner with us to make our vision a reality.

Thank you to our generous donors

​Dr. John Malone and Mrs. Leslie Malone

John and Leslie Malone are lead donors and longtime champions of medical research and education. The Malones pledged $42.5 million to establish the C. Wayne McIlwraith Translational Medicine Institute at Colorado State University. The couple raises world-class dressage horses and Thoroughbred racehorses. They decided to help to launch the institute through ties to CSU’s Orthopaedic Research Center, which is a world leader in advancing surgical and regenerative therapies – including stem-cell therapies – for musculoskeletal disease in horses. The center often collaborates with human orthopaedists, and many of its findings have helped to improve orthopaedic medicine for people. The Malones are transformational leaders in establishing a vision that will dramatically broaden and propel these research interests for medical advancements.

Dr. C. Wayne McIlwraith and Princess Abigail Kawananakoa

Princess Abigail Kawananakoa of Hawaii, a direct descendant of the Hawaiian royal family, is a celebrated breeder of racing American Quarter Horses. She has supported many ambitious educational and cultural initiatives, earning her an honorary doctorate from Colorado State University in spring 2016. Through horses, Princess Abigail became a longtime friend and professional colleague of Dr. Wayne McIlwraith, a pioneer in equine arthroscopic surgery and regenerative equine orthopaedic research. Dr. McIlwraith has operated on many of Princess Abigail’s racehorses to maintain their health and athleticism. In honor of this work – and the future it promises – she donated $20 million to enable construction of the new Translational Medicine Institute. With her significant gift, Princess Abigail asked that the institute be named for her good friend and colleague.​

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