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An ORC volunteer with a horse

Volunteers help in all aspects of our research. The work includes treadmilling, underwater treadmilling, handwalking, administering treatments, and surgery. Volunteers participate in all activities up to the skill level that we feel you are capable. Training and supervision are provided during each task, allowing everyone the opportunity to increase their abilities. Many ORC volunteers have gone on to become student technical employees.​

Volunteer Program


The Orthopaedic Research Center has a competitive volunteer program. Each semester, five positions are available to the most qualified applicants. Interviews are held as applicants contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jen Daniels. The candidates that we are looking for are extremely well rounded. We use the scholar, athlete, leader mentality.
Scholar - Demonstrates a solid base of education necessary to be successful.
Athlete - Demonstrates an ability to work with others and physical endurance to work with horses and endure long days.
Leader - Demonstrates the ability to take charge and work with limited guidance.
Volunteers will be evaluated throughout their time volunteering and can continue volunteering for as long as they would like, or until they are offered a paid position. Please bring a resume and current course schedule to interviews.


  1. Maintain a minimum of 20 volunteer hours per month.
  2. Complete a radiation safety course within two (2) weeks of starting.
  3. Carry your own personal health insurance.

How to Apply

The Orthopaedic Research Center accepts new volunteers almost constantly. Please contact Jen Daniels for position availability.
For more information, or to submit a resume electronically, contact Jen Daniels.
Contact Us:
​1678 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1678

​(970) 491-8645

​(970) 297-4138