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Graduate Student Placement

Student Degree ​Date Graduated ​Current Position
​Gayle Trotter ​M.S. ​1981
Professor Emeritus (Retired) from Colorado State University
Alan J. Nixon ​M.S. ​1983 ​Professor, Cornell University; Director of Orthopaedic Research Laboratory
​Susan Yancik ​M.S. ​1983 ​Research Scientist, Synergen, Boulder, CO
Kenneth E. Sullins ​M.S. ​1984 ​Professor, Univeristy of Virginia-Maryland
John V. Yovich ​M.S./Ph.D. ​1986/1988 ​Professor Emeritus, University of Murdoch, Perth, Australia, Vice Chancellor Murdoch University (2002-2011)
Alicia L. Bertone ​M.S./Ph.D. ​1986/1988 ​Professor of Surgery, Ohio State University; The Trueman Chair in Equine Clinical Medicine and Surgery
​Anne Vachon ​Ph.D. ​1989 ​Staff Surgeon, Chino Valley Equine Hospital, Chino, CA
Katherine Gibson ​M.S. ​1989 ​Veterinary Surgeon, Lingfield Equine Veterinary Practice, Surrey, Australia
​Scott B. Gustafson ​M.S. ​1989 ​Staff Surgeon, Private Practice, Colorado Springs, CO
​Matthew J. Reeeves ​M.S. ​1989 ​Research Scientist, Center for Disease Control
Chris Pasquini ​M.S. - Anatomy ​1990 ​Professor, Veterinary Anatomy, St. George's University
Jeffrey Foland ​M.S. ​1992 ​Equine Specialist Surgeon, Weatherford, TX
Rick Howard ​M.S./Ph.D. ​1993/1996 ​Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Missouri; Director of Orthopaedic Research; Surgeon, Arizona Equine Medical & Surgery Centre
Christopher S. Ray ​M.S. ​1994 ​Specialist Equine Surgeon, Weathorford, TX
Dan Steinheimer ​M.S. ​1995 ​Consultant Radiologist, Private Practice, Denver, CO
Christopher E. Kawcak ​M.S./Ph.D. ​1995/1998 ​Associate Professor and Iron Rose Ranch Chair, Orthopaedic Research Center, Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University
David D. Frisbie ​M.S./Ph.D. ​1996/1999 ​Associate Professor (Research), Orthopaedic Research Center, Department of Clinical Sciences, Colorado State University
​Sreeram Santhanam ​M.S. ​1996 ​Engineer in private industry
​Mary O'Connell ​M.S. ​1997 ​PhD candidate Stanford University
​Joanne Ingle-Fehr ​M.S. ​1997 ​Specialist Surgeon, Snohomish, Washington
​Fahd Al-Sobayil ​M.S. ​1997 ​Assistant Professor, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
​Abigail Dimock ​M.S. ​1997 ​Currently a Ph.D. student, Equine Nutrition (Orthopaedic Related), Rutgers University
​Becky Woodward ​M.S. ​1998 ​Graduate Researcher on S-V Dagon Research Vessel, Univsity of British Columbia
​Tina Anderson ​Ph.D. ​1998 ​Director of Marketing
Louise Southwood Perante ​M.S./Ph.D. ​1998/2002 ​Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
​Charles Hubbeling ​Ph.D. ​1999 ​Private consulting
​Guy Beauregard ​Ph.D. ​1999 ​Senior scientist/researcher for private industry
​Andrew Green ​M.S. ​1999 ​Engineering Manager for private industry
​Elisha Rentfrow ​M.S. ​1999 ​Private consulting
Tara Ruttley ​M.S. ​2000 ​Engineer for NASA
​Carson Shellenberger ​M.S. ​2000 ​Engineer for private industry
​Al Kane ​Post-Doc ​2000 ​Analytic Epidemiologist, USDA; Affiliate Faculty for Colorado State University's Center for Veterinary Epidemiology and Animal Disease Surveillance Systems
Julie Dechant ​M.S. ​2000 ​Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis
Troy Trumble ​M.S./Ph.D. ​2000/2004 ​Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
​Chengcheng Lui ​M.S. ​2001 ​Continuing in school
​Jana Read ​M.S. ​2001 ​Employed in Quality Control
​Erin Peterson ​M.S. ​2001 ​Faculty Member, Department of Animal Science, University of Maryland
​Anne DePalma ​M.S. ​2002
​Joel Millets ​M.S. ​2002 ​Employed at Osteotech, Allograft Company
Carolyn Skurla ​Ph.D. ​2002 ​Assistant Professor, Baylor University
​Awad Al-Zaben ​Ph.D. ​2003 ​Faculty member, Electronics Engineering Department, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan
Sophie Morisset ​Ph.D. ​2003 ​Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, Univeriste de Montreal
​Thomas Young ​M.S. ​2003 ​Currently job searching
Colin Scruten ​M.S. ​2004 ​Private Practice, Alberta, Canada
Lea Rempel ​Ph.D. ​2004 ​Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Kansas Medical School; Currently, Research Scientist, United States Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, NE
​Chris Sorensen ​Ph.D. ​2004 ​Post-Doctoral, National Mass Sprectrometry Facility, Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory and Biological Sciences Division, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, WA
Brandon Santoni ​Ph.D. ​2006 ​Director of Operations, Biomechanics, Telecom, Foundation of Orthopaedic Research and Education
Katja Duesterdieck ​Ph.D. ​2006 ​Assistant Professor, Oregon State University
​M. Shearin ​D.V.M./Ph.D. ​2006 ​Assistant Doctoral Fellow, University of Tennessee
​Valerie Perino ​M.S./Ph.D. ​2007 ​Completed Ph.D., Equine Orthopaedic Research, Colorado State University
​Sam Hendrix ​M.S. ​2008 ​Equine Practice, Utah
Ty Wallis ​M.S. ​2008 ​Equine Specialty Practice
​Erin Contino ​M.S. ​2009 ​Final year, D.V.M. Student
​Ryan Carpenter ​M.S. ​2009 ​Equine Practice, Southern California
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