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Brown Stallion
Colorado State University's 16th Annual Stallion Auction to benefit equine research was held January 7-10, 2015. Proceeds from the auction will go to fund equine research in the CSU Equine Orthopaedic Research Center and the CSU Equine Reproduction Laboratory. Colorado State's equine research is internationally recognized. The CSU ORC is discovering new ways to treat and prevent joint disease and injury. The CSU ERL is working to improve diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for successful equine reproduction.
16th Annual Stallion Auction

​Dates: January 7-10, 2015


 Auction Information


How You Are Helping

When you purchase a breeding, you are helping to improve horse health. Proceeds of the Stallion Auction benefit the outstanding equine research programs at CSU’s Orthopaedic Research Center and the Equine Reproduction Laboratory.

Auction Information

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*Bids do not include chute fees, booking fees or associated reproductive and veterinary costs.

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