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Laboratory Applications and Services

Biomarker Analysis

The ORC is fully equipped to run any commercially available absorbance or fluorescence biomarker immunoassay in 96 or 384-well plate format using Molecular Devices SpecraMax 384 plus, microplate absorbance/transmittance reader, as well as a Gemini-XS Fluorometer.

Our lab has extensive experience with the following biomarker assays:

Detection of Cartilage Markers

  • Alcian Blue: Standardize measurement of 35S labeled proteoglycan complexes.

  • C1,C2: An assay to standardize the measurement of Types I and II collagen degradation.

  • CPII: An assay to measure type II collagen carboxy propeptide (C-propeptide).

  • CS-846: Measurement of Aggrecan Chondroitin Sulfate 846 Epitope.

  • Eq. Col 2 3/4 (CEQ): An assay to quantify equine specific Type II collagen, which has also been proven to work with canine fluid.

  • GAG DMMB: An assay for standardized measurement of glycosaminoglycans in biological fluids and/or tissues.

  • Prolagen-C: Measurement of C-Terminal propeptide Type-I collagen.

  • Pyd Assay: An assay to standardize measurement of pyridinoline crosslinks in serum and urine.

  • Pyrilinks-D: To standardize measurement of deoxypyridinoline crosslinks in urine.

  • TCA: Assay to measure 3H content in media or cartilage digested samples.

  • YKL-40: Assay for measurement of YKL-40, human cartilage glycoprotein 39, in serum.

Detection of Bone Markers

  • C1,2C: An assay to standardize measurement of Type I and II collagens (378 assay, MMP1 and MMP13).

  • Metra™ BAP: Quantification of bone-specific alkaline phosphatase in serum and synovial fluid samples.

  • Metra™ Osteocalcin EIA: An enzyme immunoassay for the quantification of intact (de novo) osteocalcin.

  • Serum Cross Laps® (CTX): Assay for the quantification of degradation products of C-terminal telopeptides of Type-I collagen in serum and plasma.

Cytokine Assays

  • HIL-1ra: To standardize the measurement of interleukin 1 receptor antagonist concentrations in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma.

  • IGF: To standardize the measurement of Insulin-like Growth Factor in Serum, Cell culture and plasma.

  • TGF-β: An assay to quantify measurement of Transforming Growth Factor-beta in serum, cell culture supernatant, plasma and urine.

  • TNF-alpha: An assay to quantify levels of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha in serum, plasma, synovial fluid and cell culture supernatant

  • IL-10: An assay to quantify levels of Interleukin-10 in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant. 

  • PDGF-BB: An assay to quantify levels of Platelet-Derived Growth Factor-BB subunit in serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant. 

  • PGE2: An assay to quantify levels of Prostaglandin E2 in serum, plasma, synovial fluid, cell culture supernatant and urine.

Pre-assay sample processing including: papain, hyaluronidase and collogenase digestion, as well as chromatography extraction of synovial fluid and tissues

Western, Southern, and Northern Blotting

Many other assays are available. Please .

Biomechanical Testing

  • Displacement control testing for compressive, tension and shear material properties

  • Tissue explants or cell-seeded scaffolds

  • Light to moderate load cells are suitable for testing small tissue explants or cell-seeded scaffolds 


Molecular Biology

Evaluation of metabolic activity in living tissues
  • Radiolabel protocols available
GeneChip® Microarray Analysis
  • Complete Affymetrix GeneChip® 3000 scanner, fluidics 450 and hybridization system
Real Time PCR Analysis
  • ABI Prism® 7000 Sequence Detection System
  • Optimization of PCR Primers
RNA/DNA Extractions/Isolations
  • DNA synthesis from RNA
  • RNA from cells, tissue or whole blood
  • Primer and probe design
  • Gel extraction and purification
  • Purification of plasmid DNA
  • PCR amplification
Isolation of Synoviocytes, Chondrocytes, and Tenocytes
  • Cell culture expansion of freshly collected cells
Culturing of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (bone-marrow derived or fat-derived)
  • Cell culture expansion of bone-marrow derived or adipose-derived cells, including three-dimensional culturing for clinical use
Adenoviral Vector Construction and Cell Transfection
  • The development of adenoviral vectors for the delivery of genes into cells

Histology Services

  • Decalcified tissue histology

  • Immunohistochemistry

  • Paraffin and frozen Sectioning and staining of paraffin embedded samples

  • Histomorphometric analysis

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