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 Orthopaedic Research Center Faculty and Staff

Orthopaedic Research Center Mission

Our Mission

To investigate the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disease and injury for the betterment of both animals and humans.

Our Purpose

To find solutions to musculoskeletal problems, especially joint injuries and arthritis.

Our Philosophy

To offer the best treatment of clinical cases possible, with continued and critical assessment of our results; to use these results to change our treatments; to point our research toward prevention of problems we cannot treat effectively or that cause permanent clinical damage.

Our Goals

To find new methods to heal joints already damaged; to use state of the art research techniques to find ways to prevent the occurrence of joint diseases and musculoskeletal injuries; to find methods of early treatment to prevent permanent damage when joint disease does occur.
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Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1678

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