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C. Wayne McIlwraith


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Phone: (970) 297-4165


Office: 125 Equine Orthopaedic Research Center

Honors and Awards

Barbara Cox Anthony Endowed University Chair in Orthopaedics, Orthopaedic Research Center
University Distinguished Professor of Orthopaedics, Department of Clinical Sciences
Director, Musculoskeletal Research Program (Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence)
Founding Director, Orthopaedic Research Center 


Diplomate: American College of Veterinary Surgeons, 1979
Diplomate: European College of Veterinary Surgeons, 1994
Diplomate: American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2010


B.V.Sc.; Massey University, New Zealand, Australia
Dip. Surgery; University of Guelph, Canada
M.S.; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Ph.D.; Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
D.V.M. (honoris causa); University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
D.Sc.; Purdue University
D.Sc. (honoris causa); Massey University, New Zealand, Australia
Laurea Dr. (honoris causa); University of Turin, Turin, Italy
D.V.M. (honoris causa); Royal Veterinary College, University of London, England 

For an updated list of Dr. Wayne McIlwraith's publications, please visit PubMed.

About Dr. C. Wayne McIlwraith

Dr. Wayne McIlwraith's research interests include equine orthopaedic surgery, joint disease research as well as osteoarthritis therapy (including gene therapy and stem cell therapies), articular cartilage repair, early diagnosis in osteoarthritis, and pre-fracture disease using imaging and fluid biomarkers.

Dr. McIlwraith, a University Distinguished Professor, has made significant strides in advancing the Orthopaedic Research Center's reputation through publications, scientific presentations, and fundraising. He is a past-president of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons and the American Association of Equine Practitioners, and a recognized leader in the field of equine orthopaedic research and surgery. He consults worldwide as a specialist equine surgeon and has received media attention for his contributions to joint research. Dr. McIlwraith is the co-author of five textbooks, over 400 textbook chapters and refereed publications, and has given 600 presentations and workshops.

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