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Center for Immune & Regenerative Medicine


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Phone: (970) 297-1274

The Center for Immune and Regenerative Medicine builds upon leading research and clinical programs at Colorado State University to investigate and develop groundbreaking clinical applications in immunotherapy and stem cell therapy for veterinary and human medicine. Our record of more than 100 years of biomedical and veterinary research, outstanding clinical programs, and active clinical trials and studies in stem cell therapy and immunotherapy make CIRM a unique collaborative center to advance immune and regenerative medicine.

At CIRM, we are conducting immunotherapy research to improve existing vaccines and develop new vaccines against a wide range of diseases in animals and humans, including tuberculosis, equine and feline viral infections, and leishmaniasis. We also are conducting cutting-edge research into immunotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of prion-related diseases such as chronic wasting disease in deer.

Regenerative medicine represents a relatively new form of medicine using stem cells and tissue engineering to generate new tissue in diseased or damaged organs. At CIRM, we are looking at stem cells to aid in bone healing after injury or cancer treatment, joint and ligament healing, chronic kidney disease, asthma treatment, and improve replacement heart valves.

Each day, the Center for Immune and Regenerative Medicine works to advance clinical applications in​ immunotherapy and stem cell therapy to benefit animals and people, but we need your help to do more. A gift to the center supports critical research and teaching initiatives, essential to moving immune and regenerative medicine forward. We have several funds through which you can support this work.

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We invite you to discover how you can collaborate with, learn with, or support the Center for Immune and Regenerative Medicine.

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(970) 297-1274 

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