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Current Stem Cell Clinical Trials

The CIRM and CIRM faculty are currently conducting several clinical trials evaluating stem cell therapy for treatment of diseases of dogs and cats. These trials are supported by several non-profit organizations, including the Shipley Foundation, the Eldred Foundation, and the Canine Health Foundation. Eligibility for each trial will be determined by trial coordinators, and for the studies listed below, treatment must be received at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Typically clinical trials will pay a portion of or in some cases all the costs associated with the stem cell treatment.   ​

Activated stem cells for treatment of chronic bacterial infections in dogs

Eligibility: Dogs with chronic (> 2 weeks duration) bacterial infections with known drug-resistant bacterial pathogens are eligible for entry into a funded clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of activated MSC therapy.

Dr​. Valerie Johnson (
Dr. Steven Dow (

Stem cell therapy for canine wound healing 

Eligibility: Dogs eligible for this study will have large cutaneous wounds that cannot be managed by simple suturing, and typically require multiple bandage changes weekly. Infected cutaneous wounds are also eligible. The study will evaluate the effectiveness of mesenchymal stem cells (obtained from young donor dogs) imbedded in a biological matrix for stimulation of more rapid wound healing and infection control. Eligible patients must be in good overall health, and not be receiving concurrent immune suppressive or immune modulatory therapy. The study will involve twice weekly topical treatments with stem cells in matrix material, and costs of stem cell treatment are covered by the study.​

Dr​. Valerie Johnson (
 Steven Dow (​

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