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Stem Cell Research Graduate Studies

Research Laboratories

There are a variety of opportunities for graduate students to conduct stem-cell studies at Colorado State University. For translational studies, the greatest opportunities will be found in the CVMBS Department of Clinical Sciences. For example, faculty and clinicians in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital​ are conducting mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) research in cats with chronic kidney disease and dogs with chronic liver disease. Other clinicians are investigating the use of MSCs for treatment of dogs with bone cancer and joint injuries. In addition, researchers at the Orthopedic Research Center conduct studies with MSCs in horses with joint and ligament injuries. View a list of faculty conducting stem cell research in CVMBS.

Stem cell research opportunities exist in other departments at Colorado State University, including in the School of Biomedical Engineering and the CVMBS Department of Biomedical Sciences. At present, a formal stem cell curriculum and program of study for graduate students has not yet been established at CSU, but there are plans to develop a stem cell biology program within the CVMBS as research interest in this field grows.

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