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Seminar Series

​The Stem Cell Research Group meets twice monthly at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. At SCRG meetings, there are group discussions of items of common interest to stem cell researchers, followed by presentation and discussion of recent research results. Both graduate students and faculty members present at SCRG seminars.

​Immunology RIP meetings are held twice monthly in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology and in the Diagnostic Medicine Center at CSU. During Immunology RIPs, faculty members and graduate students with immunology research programs present updates of their current research studies, with opportunities for comments and input from faculty and students.

​The Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology holds a weekly faculty seminar series during the Spring and Fall semesters. Faculty members from CSU as well as invited faculty present at the MIP seminars, which are open to faculty and graduate students. Most presentations focus on infectious disease research topics.

​The Cell and Molecular Biology Program at CSU presents a weekly seminar series during the semester. These seminars are presented by CSU and invited faculty and tend to focus on molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and cell development.

​The Animal Cancer Center at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital hosts a twice-monthly seminar series. These seminars are presented by faculty from Colorado Front Range colleges, including CSU, CU Boulder and CU Denver and focus on topics related to cancer biology and cancer treatment.

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