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Overview and Program Goals

The Center for Immune and Regenerative Medicine at Colorado State University was established to promote research stem cell therapy and immune-based therapies and for application to treatment of diseases of companion animals, horses, and humans. The CIRM program represents a University-wide effort to develop new understanding of stem cell based and immune-based therapies. A major goal for the program is to stimulate greater collaboration amongst investigators involved in stem cell therapy and immune therapy at CSU and neighboring universities, as well as between university faculty and collaborators in academia and industry nationally. Another primary mission of the CIRM is to enhance graduate and post-graduate educational opportunities in stem cell and immune-based therapy and the clinical applications of these technologies. In addition, the CIRM seeks to expand the research resources necessary to facilitate research in stem cells and immunotherapy at the University. These resources include infrastructure, equipment, pilot projects, and graduate and post-DVM graduate training in stem cell and immune biology.

​​Program Structure and Support

The CIRM consists of faculty members in several different departments in the College of Veterinary Medicine, including the Department of Clinical Sciences, the Department of Biomedical Sciences, and the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology. Currently, the CIRM is housed within the laboratories of faculty members at CSU and does not occupy a separate facility. Infrastructure support for the CIRM program is also provided through the Flint Animal Cancer Center and the Orthopaedic Research Center.

CIRM research programs are currently supported by generous donations from organizations such as the Shipley Foundation and Frankie’s Fund, which support clinical studies of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine in companion animals. Recently, equine stem cell studies have benefited from generous donations by the Malone Foundation. Other studies in the CIRM are supported by external grant support from the NIH and from national veterinary funding groups, such as the Morris Animal Foundation, the Winn Foundation, the Canine Health Foundation, and the Grayson Jockey Club. ​

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