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Opportunities for Collaboration

CIRM is actively involved in promoting research collaborations. Several members of CIRM are currently involved in collaborative studies with researchers at the Gates Center for Stem Cell Biology at the University of Colorado, Denver. In addition, stem cell researchers in EORC are collaborating with investigators at Duke University to enhance transfection of stem cells for improved function in equine joint diseases. A number of investigators in CIRM also collaborate with corporate sponsors, including pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers, and additional corporate collaborations are actively encouraged.
One of the unique strengths of CIRM is the opportunity to rapidly translate basic science discoveries to clinical application in animal models of disease. The close connection between CIRM and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital assures access to unique spontaneous animal models for human diseases. These spontaneous animal models of human disease include joint disease (horses and dogs), chronic kidney disease and asthma (cats), bone cancer and bone healing (dogs), degenerative heart valve disease (dogs), spinal cord injury (dogs), and spontaneous cancers (dogs). Connections between clinician researchers and basic scientists can quickly lead to clinical studies with significant relevance to human therapeutics.
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