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 Learn more about Human-Animal Interaction Studies courses at Colorado State University.

Human-Animal Interaction Studies: Related Courses


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Colorado State University offers a variety of courses related to Human-Animal Interaction Studies (HAIS). In some of these courses, HAIS is not the exclusive, or primary focus. For more information regarding courses offered, please visit the Colorado State University General Catalog.

College of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Animal Sciences
ANEQ 220        Animal Feeds and Feeding
ANEQ 300A      Topics in Animal Sciences-Livestock Handling
ANEQ 315        Equine Behavior
ANEQ 320        Principles of Animal Nutrition
ANEQ 330        Principles of Animal Breeding
ANEQ 351        Techniques in Therapeutic Riding 

Department of Bio-agricultural Sciences and Pest Management
BPSM 102       Insects, Science, and Society 

College of Health and Human Sciences

Social Work
SOWK 550       Animal-Assisted Therapy and the Human-Animal Bond 

College of Liberal Arts 

Department of Anthropology
ANTH 120        Human Origins and Variations
ANTH 140        Introduction to Prehistory
ANTH 515        Culture and Environment

Department of Economics
ECON 240       Issues in Environmental Economics

Department of English
E 370              American Literature in Cultural Contexts - Contemporary American Animality
E 403              Nature Writing
E 465              Topics in Literature and Language - The Nature of the Beast in American Literature and Culture
E 630A           Special Topics in Literature - Area Studies - Melville, or the Whiteness of the Whale
E 630A           Special Topics in Literature - Area Studies - Ecopoetics
E 630C           Special Topics in Literature - Theory & Technique Studies - Animality Studies

Department of Philosophy
PHIL 130        Bioethics and Society
PHIL 305E      Philosophical Issues in the Professions - Animal Science
PHIL 330        Agricultural Ethics
PHIL 345        Environmental Ethics
PHIL 564        Seminar in Animal Rights
PHIL 565        Seminar in Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 666        Science and Ethics

Department of Political Science
POLS 420      History of Political Thought
POLS 421      Contemporary Political Theories

Department of Sociology
SOC 220        Global Environmental Issues
SOC 668        Environmental Sociology

College of Natural Sciences

Department of Biology - Botany and Zoology
BZ 101           Humans and Other Animals
BZ 300           Animal Behavior
BZ 479           Biology and Behavior of Dogs
BZ 492B         Seminar- Ecology

College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Department of Biomedical Sciences
BMS 260        Introduction to Biomedical Sciences

Professional Veterinary Medicine Program
VMLL 2330     Introduction to Animal Behavior
VMLL 2332     Canine Elimination Problems
VM 704          Veterinary Ethics
VM 730          Applied Animal Behavior
VM 786A        Junior Practicum
VM 786B        Senior Practicum

VS 495           Pets Forever (Section II)
VS 795T         Canine Socialization Project

Warner College of Natural Resources

Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
FW 100         Wildlife Fundamentals
FW 104         Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
FW 192         Wildlife Inquiries
FW 200         Wildlife Conservation
FW 300         Ichthyology
FW 356         Leopold's Ethic for Wildlife and Land