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follicle aspiration
Oocyte Harvest from Live Mares (on-site service)

In general, we can collect two types of oocytes from mares. Immature oocytes are often collected from smaller follicles and must be artificially matured within an incubator. We can also collect an oocyte from a large follicle just prior to ovulation; in this case, the oocyte has begun to mature and prepare for fertilization within your mare’s follicle. 

Each situation is different, and the decision to collect either is based upon consultation with one of the ART veterinarians. For oocyte collections, an ultrasound probe positioned within the vagina of the sedated mare provides images the ovarian follicles and allow us to properly position the ovary. 

For the oocyte collections, a needle is punctured through the vaginal wall and into the follicles, and gentle suction applied to collect oocytes. The number of occytes recovered varies per mare and aspiration attempt. After collection, oocyte(s) are kept in an incubator until fertilization (ICSI), often 12-30 hours later.​

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