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Mare and newborn foal
Foaling Services

​The staff of equine professionals at the Equine Reproduction Laboratory (ERL) will foal out your pregnant mare and provide routine care for the newborn foal to a limited number of mares with potential foaling dates from January 1 - May 30.

Services Included:

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Large (24 ft x 12 ft) indoor foaling stalls
  • Video surveillance in each foaling stall
  • Milk calcium screening to predict impending foaling
  • NI (Neonatal Isoerythrolysis) testing pre-foaling
  • Foal alert (monitoring alarm to detect onset of foaling)
  • Veterinarian attending each foaling
  • Evaluation of the quality of the dam’s colostrum by specific gravity and refractometry
  • Umbilical cord care (navel dipped with Nolvasan solution 2-4 times per day)
  • Measurement of the antibody level in foal’s blood at 12 and/or 24 hours of age to detect failure of passive transfer
  • Enema administered to newborn foal to decrease risk of meconium impaction
  • Mare dewormed after foaling to limit parasite infestation of foal
  • Newborn foal and postpartum mare examinations

Additional Services Available (at an additional cost):

  • Supplemental colostrum, colostrum substitute (i.e. Seramune®), or plasma therapy if needed
  • Veterinary services for non-routine events (i.e. dystocia, retained placenta, etc.)
  • Foal heat breeding services for mare
  • CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital nearby in the event of an emergency

2022 General Mare Services contract

Learn more about care for the expectant mare

Download a Clostridium Enterocolitis Information Sheet

Mare Care: A Foaling Season Presentation

Presenters, Drs. Patrick McCue and Ryan Ferris, foaling experts with CSU's Equine Reproduction Laboratory recently hosted an online and interactive Google+ Hangout session. The presentation covered topics including caring for broodmares, predicting foaling, response during a difficult birth, and tending new foals.

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