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ERL Graduate Programs: How to Apply


 ERL Graduate Program Contact Information


​Animal Sciences
Melissa Weiss
Graduate Coordinator
(970) 491-1442

Biomedical Sciences
Erin Bisenius
Graduate Coordinator
(970) 491-6188

We accept applications to our Master’s and PhD graduate programs in Equine Reproduction for fall, spring, and summer terms. You may apply to either the Department of Biomedical Sciences or the Department of Animal Sciences. Both departments direct all applications to the same admissions committee for consideration. The application deadlines for both departments are as follows:

Fall Admission: ALL application materials must be received by April 1

Spring Admission: ALL application materials must be received by September 1

Summer Admission*: ALL application materials must be received by January 1

*Summer admissions are rare; applicants are not normally considered for summer admission unless approved by a faculty advisor.

We recommend that prospective students contact potential faculty advisors who share your research interests to inquire about the possibility of him/her admitting you as a graduate student. Will not accept a student without the backing of a faculty advisor who has the resources (lab space, funding, time) to support a student.

Application Submission

Please follow the application submission instructions for the department to which you are applying:

Animal Sciences

Equine Reproduction Laboratory
ERL Giving Fund
Contact Us:
​3101 Rampart Road
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1693

​(970) 491-8626

(970) 491-7005