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Gray Mare at the ERL
Learn about Breeding Mares

One critical factor in a successful breeding program is the overall health of the mare. A mare's body condition directly affects her breeding ability. The CSU Equine Reproduction Laboratory has been teaching, researching and managing clinical cases in equine reproduction for over 35 years. The CSU ERL clinicians are your trusted partner in your mare's health and successful breeding future.

Breeding Mares

Breeding with Cooled Semen

Foal Heat Breeding

Low Dose Insemination

Reproductive Evaluation

Endometrial Biopsy

Endometrial Cytology

Endoscopic Evaluation of the Uterus

Fall Broodmare Exams

Speculum Examination

Uterine Culture

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Mare Management

Lessons in Lights

Marbles in the Uterus

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Pregnant/Foaling Mares


Foaling Fundamentals

Placenta Evaluation

Prediction of Foaling

Pregnancy Tests

Red Bag


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Problem Mares

Breeding the Older Mare

Equine Cushing's Disease

Failure to Cycle

False Pregnancy

Mastitis in Mares

The Old Mare

Ovarian Tumors

Ovulation Failure

Problem Mares

Viral Arteritis

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Embryo Transfer

Cooled-Transported Embryos

Embryo Biology

Embryo Evaluation

Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryos

History of Embryo Transfer

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Assisted Reproduction

Oocyte Transfer

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection

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Hormone Therapy

Depo-Provera® Medroxyprogesterone



GnRH Vaccine

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)



Progesterone Primer




Synovex® Implants

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Post-Partum Mares

Colostrum Bank

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