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Graduate students training with horses at the ERL
The CSU Equine Reproduction Laboratory offers master's, doctorate and post-doctoral degree programs in Biomedical Sciences or Animal Sciences with an emphasis in Equine Reproduction. The ERL's international reputation as a leader in research and development of assisted equine reproduction technologies provides direct hands-on experience and research opportunities for those seeking advanced degrees.
Equine Reproduction Graduate Programs


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 ERL Graduate Program Contacts

Erin Bisenius
Biomedical Sciences Graduate Education Coordinator
(970) 491-6188

Melissa Harmon
Animal Sciences Graduate Education Coordinator
(970) 491-1442

Morna Mynard
Clinical Sciences Graduate Education Coordinator
(970) 297-4030

Through the ERL, graduate students can receive a master's, doctorate, or post-doctoral degree in Animal Sciences or Biomedical Sciences. A prospective graduate candidate's area of research or interest will influence their choice of a preferred faculty advisor. The area of research interest and the faculty advisor will influence the choice of a degree in Biomedical Sciences or Animal Sciences. The admissions committee will not accept a student without the support of a faculty advisor who has available resources including lab space and funding. Accepted students receive tuition and financial support from a variety of sources and have the opportunity to conduct original research with highly qualified faculty in world-class research facilities. The coordinators and faculty lists at the right should assist in a student's efforts to gain the support he/she requires.

ERL graduate students are important collaborators in reproduction research at the ERL. Notable "firsts" that have resulted from our research include:

  • Techniques for recovery and transfer of equine embryos
  • Shipping of cooled embryos
  • Freezing embryos
  • Identical twins
  • Test tube horse
  • Gamete intrafallopian tube (GIFT) transfers
  • First pregnancy from insemination of a mare with sexed semen
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