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Equine oocyte under magnification
Equine Oocyte Transfer

The oocyte transfer procedure involves placement of a donor mare's oocyte (eggs) into a recipient mare's oviduct (fallopian tube). The recipient mare is artificially inseminated with the desired semen prior to oocyte transfer; therefore, fertilization and embryo development occur within the reproductive tract of the recipient mare. The recipient mare's egg is removed, so it does not become fertilized.

Under experimental conditions when performing this procedure on young fertile mares, the success rate of the ooctye transfer procedure is approximately 70 to 80% per transfer. However, when this procedure is performed on aged, chronically subfertile mares, the success rate of the oocyte transfer procedure is about 40% per transfer.

ICSI provides alternatives for reproductive management of mares and stallions that have not been able to produce offspring using more conventional procedures. For further information, please contact Dr. Elaine Carnevale (970) 491-8626.

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