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Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope


The Zeiss LSM 510 Meta Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope in Biomedical Sciences was purchased in 2004 and has been maintained by Zeiss. The microscope provides capabilities for confocal analysis of cultured cells, tissue sections and other biological specimens. However, since an incubation chamber or heated stage is not available, this system is not well suited for imaging at other than room temperature. Live cell imaging at physiological temperatures is best performed with the Olympus spinning disk confocal system or the Zeiss LSM 510 Meta in room B318 Microbiology (see Microscope Imaging Network homepage).  

The 510 Meta is well equipped for basic quantitative fluorescence microscopy. Laser lines for excitation are 458, 488, 514, 543, and 633 nm. The meta spectral detector provides emission wavelength spectra as well as serving as a variable bandpass filter. Two additional filter-based PMT detectors allow for the simultaneous separation of multiple fluorescent signals. The DIC equipped objectives include a 10X, 0.5NA, 40X, 1.3NA and 63X, 1.4 NA. The system has been used for both FRAP and FRET studies. The facility is overseen by a Director, Associate Professor Shane Hentges, a member of the Microscope Imaging Network steering committee, which sets the policies on use, training, fee structure and fee-for-service access.

Access/Sign-up Process

Access is limited to individuals that have passed a basic class in operation and care of the system. Time reservation will be via the link provided below. Only those individuals approved by the Director will be given access to the reservation calendar.


The user fees for this instrument are as follows:

  • Hourly use for trained users: $40/h
  • Fee-for-service: $25/h (in addition to hourly use fee)
  • Note that this service is pending hiring of the required personnel but is currently available on the Zeiss LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope in room B318 Microbiology.
  • Single advance purchase access charge for users with estimated use time of: >63 h per year= $2,500
  • Computer log-in will keep track of use time and billing will be done bi-monthly by electronic billing of pre-registered account numbers.
  • Costs for users external to CSU will be at $80/h plus $50/h fee-for-service.