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 The Department of Biomedical Sciences enrolls more honors students than any other major on campus.

BMS Undergraduate Programs

What is Biomedical Sciences?

Biomedical science is the integration and application of core biological sciences to the broad fields of human and animal health and disease. It involves the study of structure and function from the molecular to the cellular to the systemic level.

Biomedical Sciences students will complete upper-level coursework in human or animal gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, coupled with directed biomedical sciences electives specific to individual students' interests and goals.

Following a core curriculum in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry and mathematics, our students then pursue elective courses that include: neurobiology, endocrinology, pharmacology, cardiopulmonary physiology, reproductive biology, advanced mammalian physiology, and animal/human dissection.

Undergraduate Program Strengths

Small program size: As an enrollment-limited major, we are able to offer individual and personalized attention from faculty members, academic advisors, and career counselors who mentor and guide students through the program of study.

Unique undergraduate opportunities: Learn human and animal gross anatomy and neuoranatomy from hands-on work with prepared specimens and cadavers.

Undergraduate research options: Work in state-of-the-art research programs in the broad areas of cardiovascular physiology, neurobiology, and reproductive physiology.

Cohesive curriculum: Curriculum provides cohesive succession of physiology courses that culminate with a senior capstone experience. Capstone​ integrates four years of learning into understanding pathophysiology and the biological mechanisms of disease.

Active student organization: Get involved with a student group focused on leadership, community service, social interaction, and career exploration opportunities.