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Tamkun Lab Group

 The Tamkun lab group enjoying a perfect Colorado day.

Tamkun Lab Staff, Students, and Partners


 Tamkun Lab Information


 Contact the Lab

​​Phone: (970) 491-3484

Location: W206 Anatomy/Zoology
Mailing Address:
1617 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523

​Graduate Students

Phil Fox




Liz Akin





Postdoctoral Scholars

Laura Sole Codina
​After finishing my Biochemistry Degree at Universitat de Barcelona (2007) I enrolled in their Neuroscience Phd Program. My PhD (awarded December 2013) focused on the characterization of a new interaction between a potassium channel (Kv1.3) and a regulatory subunit (KCNE4). I studied the association of KCNE4 to Kv1.3 and how this association modifies channel activity, trafficking and localization. During my PhD training, I came to CSU for 3 months to learn electrophysiology and TIRF imaging in the Tamkun Lab. I also enjoyed some fun Colorado outdoor activities. Two years after that, I am happy to be back in order to perform a postdoc initially focused in the characterization of Nav1.6 channel activity, depending on its localization in neurons (soma or axon initial segment), and also to analyze the activity of this sodium channel in response specific insults such as excess glutamate or oxygen glucose deprivation.

Undergraduate Students

Lauren Gonzales




Tracie VanHorn
My name is Tracie VanHorn. I am a first year undergraduate student majoring in biochemistry and minoring in molecular biology and business administration. I am originally from Colorado Springs, and I love to hiking, playing basketball, snowboarding, and any outdoor activities. I joined Michael Tamkun's research lab this year once seeing how interesting his research is. I wanted to help advance the lab's progress by putting my acquired skills to use and am hoping to learn more on the way.