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BMS student giving

 Join your fellow students in supporting the BMS community...

BMS Student Giving Campaign

As emphasis on programmatic excellence heightens and public resources for higher education continue to shrink, the role of student and alumni donors has become even more critical to building the strength of academic and research initiatives at a university.

Now in its second year, the Department of Biomedical Sciences’ Student Giving Campaign encourages students to join the community of donors who support the people, programs, facilities, and resources that make the Department such an exceptional place for student learning, science innovation, and research.




​"It is important to give back because not only does it demonstrate your appreciation of the major, but it also increases the value of your own degree." - Avery Olson (Class of 2016)

“It’s far better to give than it is to receive. That’s what my mom always told me when I didn’t want to buy Christmas presents for my brother. Today I know the true value in that statement for all aspects of my life. Giving back is like saying thank you for everything you’ve done for me; the money aspect is asking future students to aspire for a greatness that this program can help them see.” - Lauren Migliaccio (Class of 2015)

"Giving back to CSU does not even come close to paying back the education I received, but it does help the university in ensuring that future students are given the same opportunities that I was fortunate enough to receive." - Sam Leonard (Class of 2013)

"I gave to improve the student experience in BMS because I feel that BMS is like a big family. I think that the education/experience we offer is fantastic and unique and worth being proud of." - Lindsay Leech (Class of 2013)

"After spending the past four years learning from a great department, I would love to give back and either make a difference in future students' learning experience or help improve the program to accommodate for future students." - Caitlin Osborn (Class of 2013)

 "I believe gifts are essential to CSU and the Biomedical Sciences Department. My hopes in making a gift will encourage students to follow suit and give themselves, becoming more active in their college experience." - Stephanie Krick (Class of 2013)

​Make an Impact

Do you wonder how your gift to BMS can make a difference?

Giving to your academic department, or to any fund at CSU, can make an impact. Gifts of any size - from $1 to $1 million - play a big part in CSU's success. Roughly, only one-fourth of the University's revenue (27%) comes from tuition and fees. Consequently, the remaining cost to operate CSU and educate students comes from outside sources, including private giving and state support. The donations of generous CSU supporters allow us to continue providing a high quality education for CSU students both now and in the future.

Support What Matters to You

Students are encouraged to give to CSU programs and departments that have had a positive influence on their experience at CSU. Featured funds supporting the Department of Biomedical Sciences include:

Anatomy and Neuroanatomy Learning Lab
Your gift to the anatomy/neuroanatomy learning lab will provide much-needed resources for the upcoming building expansion/renovation. Once construction is complete, the state-of-the-art facility will afford future students an enhanced education through increased opportunities for hands-on learning with real human and animal specimens.

BMS Undergraduate Support
The BMS Undergraduate Support fund provides resources to undergraduate programs and projects including student research, outreach, and special educational opportunities. By investing in the Department of Biomedical Sciences, you are promoting academic excellence and enhancing the experience for student colleagues and those who follow in your footsteps.

Biomedical Sciences Scholarships
The BMS Scholarship Fund supports talented incoming students with a passion for becoming the future of medicine, research, practice, and interdisciplinary science. Your gift to the BMS Scholarship Fund will allow access to Colorado State University in a tight economy, provide real-world experiences that can change lives, and allow students to participate in research that is changing our world.

Dr. Alan Tucker Memorial Scholarship
The Dr. Alan Tucker scholarship was established by the College through memorial gifts from faculty and friends to honor his life work and commitment to education. For nearly 25 years, Dr. Tucker served as faculty for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Your gift to the Dr. Alan Tucker Memorial Scholarship will provide access to academic opportunities for future students and recognize Dr. Tucker’s academic legacy.

Students Helping Students

The Biomedical Student Association, the Department's undergraduate student club, is going to help your gift go farther. For every student gift received - no matter the size -  the BSA will donate an additional $5 to support the BMS.

Join the Community

Last spring, the Department of Biomedical Sciences was the first program on campus to organize a targeted senior giving campaign, and close to 25% of the graduating seniors donated to the University. This year, the campaign is open to all levels of students enrolled in BMS, with the hope to surpass last year’s outstanding level of participation from graduating students.

“Such a high level of student commitment to the Department is a testament to the quality of services BMS faculty and staff provide for our students,” said Dr. Colin Clay, professor and head of the Department of Biomedical Sciences. “The significance of our time together – and the potential in our future – will continue to be strong because we have built a community of supporters that value their education, and the CSU experience.”