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JEOL Transmission Electron Microscope


The core (transmission) electron microscopy laboratory at Colorado State University is a research and service facility, serving the biological and materials research communities at CSU. The TEM is located in room W13 of the Anatomy/Zoology building. It is open to state, university, and outside users.

We provide imaging and preparation for transmission electron microscopy. Instrument use and technician services are available on a recharge fee basis. Clients can be trained in specimen preparation and to use the instruments themselves or can request assistance from the staff.

The Electron Microscopy Laboratory has equipment for imaging and analyzing specimens by routine methods. The laboratory also houses equipment for embedding and sectioning specimens.

Equipment Includes

JEOL JEM-1400 120kV Transmission Electron Microscope is equipped with several different specimen holders (a single specimen holder, ±26°; a high tilt specimen holder, ±70°; a Fischione dual axis Tomography holder, ±70°; and a Gatan liquid nitrogen-cooled specimen holder, ±70°), an Orius fastscan digital camera, and a Gatan Ultrascan high-resolution digital camera.  Direct magnification range on this TEM is between 50x and 1,200,000x.

JEOL JEM-2000EXII Transmission Electron Microscope is equipped with a ±60° tilting (goniometer) stage, operates at accelerating voltages from 80kV to 200kV, and has a magnification range from 50x to 500,000x. This TEM is capable of selected area diffraction from 100 to 2,500mm. Two specimens can be loaded simultaneously. Images are currently captured on film, which is processed daily.

Preparatory equipment:
Ultramicrotomes: Riechert Ultracut E, and PorterBlum MT2B
Glass knife breaker
Various equipment for embedding samples
Kinney Carbon evaporator

Billing Rate Plan for Transmission Electron Microscope for CSU Internal Users (rates apply to both microscopes)

The following billing rates are designed to cover the annual costs of facility operation and service. The use of the facility is more costly for minor users because they have less training and require more supervision, so a billing scale that rewards greater use is proposed in which major users can invest in the service contract costs up front. The hourly maintenance fee is charged for every hour used.
Upfront Buy-In
Hourly Maintenance
Costs for Time
Beam Time
Total Cost/h
Occasional (no contract) NONE $10 Over 0 h $50/h $60
7.5% SC costs $2,000 $10 Over 50 h @ $40/h $50
11% SC costs $3,000 $10 Over 100 h @ $30/h $40
18.6% SC costs $5,000 $10 Over 200 h @ $25/h $35/h
30% SC costs $8,000 $10 Over 400 h @ $20/h $30/h or less


Maximum costs are capped at $15,000 per year for major users. The hourly maintenance costs cover liquid nitrogen and daily supervision amounting to about 4h per week. Each group will provide its own film or be charged cost of the film as an additional charge. The up front buy-in will be charged as a percentage of the service contract, which is due July 1.

Multiple groups who want to share a contract may do so ONLY if they use the same trained operator because costs associated with multiple operators for occasional users are much higher than for the major users.

Fee-for-service available July 1, 2008. Costs are $50/h for technical support plus one of the charges for cost/h listed above.

Costs for external clients are $120/hr for beam time/maintenance and $80/hr for technical support.

Contact Us

Faculty Supervisor:
John Rash
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Neurosciences Division
Colorado State University
1617 Campus Delivery
Ft. Collins, CO 80523-1617
phone:: 970-491-5606
fax: 970-491-7907 or -2802

Facility Supervisor:
Kim Vanderpool
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Neurosciences Division
Colorado State University
1617 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1617
phone: 970-491-7389
fax: 970-491-7907 or -2808

Technical Service
Biological Research:
Suzanne Royer
Email is the best way to contact Suzanne:

Materials Research:
Max Braun

Robert E. Lee
Department of Biomedical Sciences
W112 Anatomy/Zoology
Colorado State University
1617 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1617