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Office: 101 Physiology
Phone: 970-491-7842
Fax: 970-491-7569

Charles W. (CW) Miller, PhD

​Professor and Associate Head for Undergraduate Education, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University


PhD, Colorado State University
MS, Colorado State University
BS, Purdue University

Teaching/Advising Activities

The Biomedical Sciences undergraduate major is a capped major which is a popular pathway for students interested in pursuing careers in the medical sciences (animal and human).  Students typically are aspiring to gain entrance to professional schools, graduate schools and other areas in the medical or biotechnology field.  I help direct the program with expert support from academic support coordinators, Ms. Kelly Swetich and Sarah Craddock and the Departmental Undergraduate Advisory Committee.

I also advise a small portion of our undergraduate students and am involved in recruitment and other activities associated with the major.  I also serve as one of the examiners for the Plan B masters students.

Teaching: BMS 420, BMS 460, BMS 492, BMS 501.  (Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Physiology).

Research Interests -- Cardiovascular Physiology

My earlier career focused on developing non-invasive methods for assessing cardiovascular, respiratory and renal function in a large colony of beagle dogs.  More recently, a large colony of Yucatan miniature swine served as the experimental animal to evaluate various aspects associated with experimentally produce atherosclerosis.  The laboratory over the years developed several techniques using ultrasound to evaluate cardiovascular function.

Other Activities

Associate Department Head.  Duties include oversight of the undergraduate curriculum in concert with the Biomedical Sciences Curriculum Committee and Biomedical Sciences Advisory Committee.

University and College Service include membership on Faculty Council (University) and member of Classroom Review Board (University).  At the College level, member of the Biomedical Curriculum Committee and Scholarships and Awards committee.  At the Department level, member of Advisory Committee and ex officio member of curriculum committee. 

Representative Publications

Miller, C.W., R.C. Nealeigh and M.B. Histand.  1972.  The effect of arterial location upon arterial velocity distributions.  Biomed. Sci. Inst. 9:129-132.

Miller, C.W., M.B. Histand and F.D. McLeod, Jr.  1972.  The chronic measurement of local flow properties in the abdominal aorta of dogs.  Med. Res. Eng. 11:17-23.

Histand, M.B., C.W. Miller and F.D. McLeod, Jr.  1973.  The transcutaneous measurement of blood velocity profiles and flow.  Cardiovasc. Res. 7:703-712.

Daigle, R.E., C.W. Miller, M.B. Histand, F.D. McLeod and D.E. Hokanson.  1975.  Nontraumatic aortic blood flow sensing using an ultrasonic esophageal probe.  J. Appl. Physiol. 38:1153-1160.

Nealeigh, R.C., C.W. Miller and F.D. McLeod.  1976.  A venous ultrasound catheter-tip technique for evaluation of arterial hemodynamics.  J. Appl. Physiol. 41:946-952.

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Miller, C.W., M.O. Dennis, A.C. Lee and R.C. Nealeigh.  1978.  Evaluation of valvular function in beagle dogs using echocardiography.  Biomed. Sci. 14:13-18.

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Willis, T., A. Tu and C.W. Miller.  1988.  Thrombolysis with a snake venom protease in a rat model of venous thrombosis.  Thrombosis Res., DFM 88-16, 53:19-29.

Norman, J.F., C.W. Miller and K.G.D. Allen.  1994.  Prostacyclin, thromboxane A2 and atherosclerosis in young hypercholesterolemic swine.  Prost. Leuk. Ess. Fatty Acids 51:293-298.

Norman, J.F., C.W. Miller and K.G.D. Allen.  1995.  Thoracic aorta prostacyclin production is not altered during early atherosclerosis development in young swine.  J. Nutr. Biochem. 6:163-169.

Smith, M.J., K.G.D. Allen, J.F. Norman, M.A. Harris and C.W. Miller.  1995.  Low-dose aspirin does not attenuate platelet aggregation or atherosclerosis, but decreases production of aortic wall prostacyclin.  Prost. Leuk. Ess. Fatty Acids 53: 331-340.

Miller, C.W.  2002.  Applied cardiovascular physiology (pp 1-14).  In:  The Veterinary ICU Book. Editors: W.Wingfield and M. Raffe.  Teton New Media.  Jackson Hole, Wyoming.