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Department of Biomedical Sciences Administration

The Department of Biomedical Sciences spans the disciplines of anatomy, neurobiology, pharmacology, physiology, and reproductive biology.

The faculty includes regular, special, affiliate, joint, transitional and emeritus faculty members, as well as professional coordinators. Research staff include postdoctoral fellows, research scientists, graduate students and research associates. Departmental faculty members participate in and support two University Programs of Scholarly Excellence, the Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory and the Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences Program.

The Department offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, as well as post-graduate training opportunities and continuing education courses.

Biomedical Sciences faculty and staff are housed in five facilities on Main and Foothills Campuses.

Departmental Resources

Department Leadership

Colin Clay

​Department Head & Professor
Specialty: Molecular Endocrinology

​Associate Head for Undergraduate Education & Associate Professor
Specialty: Genetic Regulation of Mammalian Reproduction

Thomas Hansen

Director, Foothills Campus Operations
Traubert Professor and Director, Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory
Specialty: Establishment and Maintenance of Pregnancy; Maternal Undernutrition Programs; Fetal Heart Gene Expression

Director, Main Campus Operations
Specialty: Signal Transduction; Protein Targeting; Phototransduction; K+ Channel Regulation

Dave Mornes

​Business Officer
(970) 491-6098


Administrative Staff

Erin Bisenius

​Graduate Education Coordinator
(970) 491-6188

Leslie Butler

​Business Administrator for the ARBL and ERL
(970) 491-8169

​Accounting Technician III, Physiology Facility
(970) 491-3259

Kay Gallatin

​Business Manager, Foothills Campus
(970) 491-8396

​Graduate Education Coordinator
(970) 491-2702

Kimberly Jeckel

​Research Scientist
(970) 491-2751

Accounting Technician III
Anatomy/Zoology Facility
(970) 491-6760

Maura Link

​Accounting Technician III, ARBL Facility
(970) 491-8747

​Academic Support Coordinator
(970) 491-7750

brenda martin

Administrative Assistant III (ARBL Facility)
(970) 491-5621

Rhea Maze

BMS ​Communications Coordinator
(970) 491-7550

​Administrative Assistant II (Anatomy/Zoology Facility)
(970) 491-5847

Karen Solomon

​Administrative Assistant III (Anatomy/Zoology Facility)
(970) 491-5036

​Undergraduate Advisor
(970) 491-3926