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Student lab research at the ERL

 Undergraduate students may find a variety of research opportunities at the ARBL.

Student Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Student Research

All of the laboratories at ARBL participate in research training for undergraduate students. A variety of options are available for such exposure, including work-study, student hourly and specific projects such as the Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholars program. Undergraduate students at ARBL work on a diverse set of projects ranging from very basic molecular biology to hands-on projects with cattle, horses, rabbits and mice.

If you are interested in pursuing a position with us, please review our research focal areas, and feel free to contact individual faculty members for the areas of interest to you.

​Graduate & Post Doctoral Research Opportunities

Faculty at the ARBL are constantly looking for well-qualified graduate, doctiral and postdoctoral students.

Students receive support from a variety of sources, including:

  • individual research grants
  • training grants from the NIH and USDA
  • private industry
  • teaching assistantships

We also have graduate students that are enrolled in interdisciplinary programs such as the Cell and Molecular Biology Interdisciplinary Graduate Program and the Equine Sciences Program

Students at ARBL are encouraged to work in several laboratories during the course of their program, in order to obtain exposure to several disciplines and a broad range of techniques.

If you are interested in pursuing a postdoctoral or graduate training program with us, please review our current areas of research, and feel free to contact individual faculty members for the areas of interest to you.

​National Needs Graduate and Postgraduate Fellowship Grants Program

The NNF Grants Program is designated for graduate degree programs and postgraduate training of the next generation of policymakers, researchers, and educators in the food and agricultural sciences. The grant will fund fellowships for students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees in food and agricultural sciences, specifically in reproductive sciences and biotechnology. 

The ARBL-NNF fellowship program is specifically designed for pre-doctoral students. Research focal areas align closely with research going on at the ARBL and include:

  • Assisted reproductive technology
  • Environmental reproductive toxicology
  • Fertility, sterility, and contraception
  • Pregnancy, development, and stem cell biology
  • Reproductive cancers and disease

ARBL-NNF applicants must be US citizens or nationals and under-represented minority students as specified in the NNF program. Applicants also must complete a master's or doctor of veterinary medicine degree prior to entry in the ARBL-NNF training program.