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In situ carcinoma cell

 Microimage of in situ carcinoma cells.

Reproductive Cancers

​The study of cancer, another national concern, was recently formalized as a CSU Supercluster program. Cancers of the reproductive system, such as prostate, breast, and testicular cancer are being studied by ARBL faculty. 

About 83,000 women in the United States are diagnosed annually with cancers affecting the reproductive organs (American Cancer Society). In males, there are an estimated 218,000 new cases and 27,000 deaths each year due to prostate cancer. In 2010 alone, 207,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women and nearly the same number of prostate cancers in men. 

Colorado State University is home to the Cancer Research and Treatment Supercluster​, a collaborative network of public and private partnerships, including ARBL researchers, to improve basic cancer research, diagnostics, treatments, and cures.

Learn more about the work our faculty are doing by visiting our faculty profile pages.