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Healthy Baby, Healthy Mother

The Healthy Baby, Healthy Mother group focuses on pregnancy outcomes and offspring heath, including managing embryo mortality, intrauterine growth restriction, the impact of maternal obesity and other maternal metabolic and immunological stressors on fetal development, and postnatal and adult onset of diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

The Healthy Baby, Healthy Mother focus group is a multidisciplinary research program with a strong reputation that focuses on hypothesis-driven, federally-funded research utilizing a variety of animal models to better understand and address issues related to pregnancy outcomes. Current faculty expertise is well- positioned to provide insight into the etiology of human pregnancy complications. The program is also expanding placental transgenesis research efforts and the development of human and animal embryonic stem cell models to study trophoblast differentiation. Through the continued development of a regional consortium of expert scientists working on issues related to pregnancy development and outcomes, this program prioritizes enhanced interdisciplinary research collaborations. 

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