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Russ Anthony in sheep pens on Foothills Campus
​Research at ARBL is supported by internal and external funding from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, United States Department of Agriculture, and National Institute of Food and Agriculture, as well as private industry, other academic institutions, and through programs at Colorado State University.
Dr. Russ Anthony uses sheep as a research model in his studies on conceptus implantation, placental function, and fetal development.
Recent ARBL Grant Awards

Russ Anthony

Function and Regulation of PRR15 in Sheep Conceptus Development

Progression of Ovine Placental Lactogen Deficient Pregnancies
Sponsor: USDA-NIFA

Jennifer Barfield

Assisted Reproductive Techniques as a Disease Mitigation Strategy for Bison
Sponsor: Buy Sun Ranches, LLC

Gerrit Bouma

Regulation of Fetal Ovarian Development by GATA4
Sponsor: NIH-HHS

MicroRNA Profiling of Canine Osteosarcoma for Prognosis and Chemosensitivity Predictions
Sponsor: Morris Animal Foundation

Neuroinflammation and Developmental Vulnerability to Manganese Toxicity
Sponsor: NIH-HHS

Richard Bowen

Animal Models Core CO-002

Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change
Sponsor: DOS-AID

The Role of RNA Virus Quasispecies Dynamics and Host Immunocompetence in the Evolution of Viral Virulence During In Vivo Passage
Sponsor: DOE-NNSA-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratorya

Diagnostic Testing for Plague and Tularemia

Combining Adjuvants and Delivery Systems for the Next Generation Vaccines
Sponsor: Infectious Disease Research Institute

Wildlife Disease in Southeast Asia

Accessible Diagnostics through Innovative Networks
Sponsor: DOS-AID

Ornithine Lipids as Adjuvants for Intracellular Pathogens
Sponsor: University of Texas Medical Branch

The Reduction of Treponema Pallidum Using Mirasol PRT System for Plasma/Platelets
Sponsor: Terumo BCT, Inc.

Evaluation of Cantacuzino and BioFarma Adjuvant in Combination with Stockpiled Sanofi Pasteur A/Viet
Sponsor: Infectious Disease Research Institute

Elaine Carnevale

Development of Assisted Reproductive Techniques
Sponsor: Hylton Foundation

Colin Clay

Physiological Mechanisms Underlying Heightened Gonadotropes to GnRH
Sponsor: NIH

Thomas R. Hansen

Endocrine Action of Interferon Tau
Sponsor: USDA-NIFA

Terry Nett

Evaluations of Serum Concentrations of LH in Rats Treated with Triptorelin
Sponsor: Pennatek LLC

Evaluation of the Effects of Fertility Control on the Reproductive Behaviors and Activity Budgets of Feral Horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Sponsor: National Park Service

Field Evaluation of the Immunocontraceptive GnRH
Sponsor: Morris Animal Foundation

Effect of Intravaginal Delivery of Buserelin in Dairy Cows
Sponsor: Pfizer, Inc.

Validation of Assays for Quantification of Progresterone, Estradiol, and LH in Porcine Serum
Sponsor: Thorn Bioscience LLC

Exposure of PF-06443164 and PG-06413369 in Swine Following 5-days Feeding at 1, 10 and 100 pp
Sponsor: Zoetus

Stu Tobet

Ultra-sensitive Raman Microscopy for Unmasking
Sponsor: Keck Foundation

GK-12: A Multi-disciplinary Approach
Sponsor: NSF