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Streptococcus culture on blood agar

 Streptococcus culture in blood agar.

Infectious Disease

​The impact of viral diseases on fetal growth restriction, the fetal and maternal immune system, and postnatal health and viability is a focus of ARBL faculty members. 

Research in this area includes transplacental viral infection of the fetus and mechanisms of action of bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) on maternal and fetal immune cells and intrauterine growth restriction of the developing fetus. BVDV infections result in a loss of $400 million annually to beef and dairy producers in the United States. 

The Animal Disease Laboratory, a major component of CSU's first supercluster (Infectious Disease), is adjacent to ARBL and managed by an ARBL faculty member, Dr. Richard Bowen​. Dr. Bowen contributes to research and teaching in reproductive biology, serves as the primary ARBL veterinarian, and is an international leader in the study of pathogenesis and transmission of West Nile virus, rabies, Venezuelan encephalitis, and avian influenza viruses. His laboratory also develops and provides animal models for development of vaccines and therapeutic agents.

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