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Established in 1972, the Endocrinology Lab has been a valuable resource for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at CSU. Researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical companies outside of CSU utilize the Endocrinology Lab for studies requiring the most sensitive assays for detection of minute quantities of hormones in biological samples. The Lab is involved in various research studies pertaining to issues such as reproductive function and efficacy of treatments.​​

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​The Endocrinology Laboratory at ARBL is a service laboratory that conducts various assays for the study of reproductive function of many species of animals. The Laboratory offers these assays for both clinical and research purposes. Radioimmunoassay techniques are used to quantify hormones in biological fluids and tissues to evaluate pituitary function and target organ response.

Clinically, the Lab offers a variety of tests to determine spay/neuter/cryptorchid status, a pregnancy status, occurrence of ovulation, presence of tumors of the reproductive system, as well as other more specialized analytical technologies. The Lab provides service to zoos, wildlife foundations, veterinarians, private breeders, and on occasion, law enforcement.

Many of the antibodies to hormones are generated on site, which minimizes costs for the analytical reagents, enabling us to offer these assays at a low price to our clients. Aliquots of lyophilized antisera to hormones are available for research purposes and will be sent to investigators upon request. For further information see the Antisera Information sheet.