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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Translational Reproductive Biotechnology

The Translational Reproductive Biotechnology group focuses on clinical endocrinology to develop technologies to better manage fertility and reproduction in animals and humans. Methods of contraception are also being developed, particularly for use in wildlife populations.  

This group aims to integrate reproductive endocrinology and pathophysiology into clinical practice and is built on decades of successful translational research with clinical application at the ARBL/ERL. Supported by world-class faculty expertise, facilities and equipment, this group works to enhance industry ties and develop new biotechnology techniques. Current research being done in this area has the potential to benefit the health and well-being of both humans and animals by regulating reproduction and developing diagnostic markers and treatments for diseases. 

Current Research Goals

  • Develop new rapid, sensitive and accurate diagnostics for managing reproduction: Predicting ovulation and detecting peripheral biomarkers for viability, quality and sex of early embryos.
  • Develop efficient methods of contraception or sterilization of mammals. 
  • Develop diagnostics and efficacious treatments for uterine bacterial and fungal infections, including biofilms.

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