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Calves being herded through pens at the ARBL facility on Foothills Campus

 Researchers at the ARBL study reproduction in many species of cattle, including cattle.

Overview of the ARBL

The Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory at Colorado State University is dedicated to advancing the reproductive​ sciences through research, education, clinical service, and outreach.

The world-renowned center investigates basic reproductive biology to better understand normal function, as well as examining factors that challenge reproductive success, and developing products and procedures to enhance reproductive health for both humans and animals.


The Animal Reproduction and Biotechnology Laboratory (ARBL) is an integral part of the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. Sixteen departmental faculty members are associated with the ARBL and devote full-time to the area of reproductive biology. In addition, one member of the Department of Clinical Sciences and three members of the Department of Animal Sciences are considered integral members of the ARBL due to their interactive commitments and expertise. Faculty members in other departments, colleges, and universities contribute to joint research projects.

One outstanding feature of the faculty members associated with the ARBL is their breadth and ability to interact with each other in a wide variety of sub-disciplines of animal reproduction and reproductive biology. Thus, a team approach is used to brainstorm problem areas and to conduct research. 

Graduate Students

In addition to the faculty members, 4 to 8 postdoctoral trainees or postdoctoral research associates, 30 to 35 graduate students, and many technical and secretarial staff members contribute to the activities of the laboratory. Because of the large number of trainees involved, unique interactions are possible and openings​ for highly qualified postdoctoral trainees and graduate students usually exist.


Personnel and facilities of the ARBL are located at the Foothills Campus. The Foothills Campus also includes pasture and housing for the hundreds of cattle, horses, sheep and laboratory animals used for research. Construction of a 22,000 square foot laboratory/office building was completed in 1995, and an adjacent 15,000 square foot building, which houses the gamete preservation and embryo transfer laboratories, also underwent extensive renovation in 1995. 

This new facility allows most personnel of the program to be housed at a single location, and enhances interactions among faculty and students. 

The laboratory includes specific facilities for:
  • cloning, sequencing and characterization of genes
  • measurement of hormones, receptors, and other compounds of biologic interest
  • transmission electron microscopy
  • isolation and culture of cells
  • immunology and immunochemistry
  • production of transgenic animals
  • semen analyses
  • cryopreservation of sperm and embryos. 
​The facilities have been designed to allow maximum flexibility in teaching, research and service programs.