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ARBL Weekly Seminar Series

All seminars held at the ARBL, Room W104, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

2013 Fall Seminar Coordinator and Contact Information: Dr. Thomas (Tod) Hansen

9/9/13: Fish oils – a possible way to regulate prostaglandin signaling in reproductive tissues 
Patrick Burns, PhD. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Northern Colorado. 
Introduced and first question by Rick Mauldin, PhD candidate, ARBL.

9/23/13: Gene function in the placenta: Does Lin28 regulate trophoblast differentiation in mouse, human and sheep?
Quinton Winger, PhD. Department of Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University.  
Introduced and first question by Thomas Hansen, Director, ARBL.

9/30/13: Large Animal models in Regenerative Medicine.  From induced pluripotent stem cells to multipotent stem cells: A tale of two species. 
Jorge Piedrahita, PhD. College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University
Hosted by Dr. George Seidel, University Distinguished Professor, ARBL.

10/7/13: When Buffalo Roam: Using Assisted Reproduction to Mitigate Disease in North American Bison.
Jennifer Barfield​, PhD. Department of Biomedical Sciences, Colorado State University.  
Introduced and first question Alyssa Grossnickle, Masters candidate, ARBL.

10/14/2013: Investigating the role of HOXA11, a developmental gene,  as a potential target to prevent pelvic organ prolapse.
Kathleen Connell, MD. Dept. Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Colorado, Denver.  Introduced and first question by Ellie Cleys, PhD Candidate, ARBL.

10/21/13: Molecular Implantation Defects and Fetoplacental Health in a Mouse Model of Preeclampsia.
Jenny Sones, PhD. Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, Cornell University.  Introduced and first question Kristen Loncar, Veterinary Resident, ERL.

Niswender Lecture in Reproductive Endocrinology

10/28/13: Interferon Tau: Effects on the Uterine Environment for Conceptus Development. 
Fuller Bazer, PhD. Department of Animal Sciences, Texas A&M University. 
Introduced and first question by Jared Romero, PhD candidate, ARBL.

11/4/13: Presence and dynamics of appetite regulating hormones in human breast milk and relation to infant growth.
Enette Meyer, PhD. Department of Family & Consumer Sciences, University of Wyoming. 
Introduced and first question by Janine Neely, Masters candidate, ARBL.

11/11/13: Multigenerational Impact of Maternal Overnutrition/Obesity on Fetal Development and Offspring Health in an Ovine Model.
Steve Ford​, PhD, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wyoming.
Introduced and first question by Raul Gonzalez, PhD candidate, ARBL.
11/18/13: Trophoblast stem cells from humans and pigs: models for placental development.
Michael Roberts, PhD, Department of Animal Sciences and Department of Biochemistry, University of Missouri

12/2/13: Title TBD
Speaker Pending

12/9/13: Title TBD
Speaker Pending