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  • Marie Legare toxicology professor
    ​Toxicology prof Dr. Marie Legare once hyperventilated when talking to groups; now she’s been honored with a CSU Best Teacher Award. We asked, and she told us about botulism, the toxic powers of dementor wasps, the ties between art and science, and the “a-ha” moments that inspire her.
  • better paws for Brutus
    ​Meet Brutus, a rescued Rottweiler that suffered botched paw amputations as a puppy. He’s getting help from a loving foster owner, a full set of prosthetics, and a team of experts from OrthoPets and Colorado State University. With his new limbs, Brutus is going mobile!
  • matthew weil studies radiation on Mars, NASA
    ​NASA is planning a manned mission to Mars and must understand the risks of long-term, low-dose space radiation for astronauts. Enter our experts. CSU scientists landed $9 million from NASA to build a one-of-a-kind facility to examine the effects of radiation exposure.​​
  • avian influenza
    ​A highly pathogenic form of avian influenza is devastating poultry producers in the Midwest. Colorado has been spared, yet our resident expert cautions that commercial chicken and turkey growers – as well as people with backyard flocks – should take steps to prevent infection. 
  • kjell lindgren NASA astronaut
    ​Dr. Kjell Lindgren, who earned a master’s degree in physiology from our college, is counting down to a six-month space expedition in late May. The astronaut-physician is part of NASA’s effort to learn about the effects of extended space travel on the human body.​
  • lion, guero, resue, keenesburg wild animal sanctuary
    ​Guero, a lion rescued in Mexico, got his share of medical attention at our Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where CSU veterinarians assessed the aging carnivore and formed a treatment plan to ease pain from the lion’s neck fracture, spinal disc disease and dire dental problems.
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