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  • nasa space study with twins
    Researcher Susan Bailey and her team got a big surprise studying the chromosomes of twin astronauts Scott Kelly, who spent a year in space, and his brother Mark, who spent the same year on Earth. Early findings open a new chapter in science. ​​
  • brain awareness
    What weighs 3 pounds, has a surface area up to 465 square inches, and contains or controls a lifetime of thoughts, memories, functions, and sensory perceptions? CSU brainiacs will fill you in!​
  • microbiome mind-meld
    CSU is committed to building on a strong foundation in microbial sciences. Join us for the next Microbiome Network meeting on May 10 from 4-6, and connect with others who are applying microbiomes to their field of study.
  • gender equity
    A Women in Science Workshop at CSU on April 13 will explore gender-based challenges in science, career mentoring, and science communication. The workshop is free and open to the public and campus community.
  • dr. gordon niswender
    Dr. Gordon Niswender, who died in March, was a pioneering scientist in reproduction biology. He was also a cherished CSU teacher, mentor, and friend known for his kindness and for helping to dramatically grow our college research enterprise.​​
  • cindy vaca
    Growing up in Los Angeles, Cindy Vaca didn’t know a single Latino college graduate. Now she’s a first-generation college grad and a CSU veterinary student lauded for her leadership in boosting Hispanic kids toward college and careers.
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