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  • CVMBS Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program
    Our college dean and associate dean for veterinary education sent this message to students, faculty and staff denouncing a social media post that has been linked to a veterinary alumnus and is drawing widespread outrage. The letter shares the philosophy of medical excellence and compassionate care held by those in our Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program.
  • tuberculosis metabolic research team, CSU, Randall Basaraba, Brendan Podell
    Mycobacteria researchers win seven-year NIH grant to explore whether drugs used to diabetes and cardiovascular disease can also be used in tuberculosis patients.
  • kjell lindgren NASA astronaut
    ​Dr. Kjell Lindgren, who earned a master’s degree in physiology from our college, is counting down to a six-month space expedition in late May. The astronaut-physician is part of NASA’s effort to learn about the effects of extended space travel on the human body.​
  • prion disease forum
    Colorado State University is hosting an international conference - never before held in the United States - focused on prions, the rogue misfolded proteins that cause chronic wasting disease in deer and hold clues to human diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. The Prion 2015 symposium will be on campus May 26-29.​
  • new foals at csu equine reproduction laboratory
    ​The new foals are here! Welcoming about 40 newborns at our CSU Equine Reproduction Laboratory are students in the Foaling Management class held each spring. As this photo essay shows, equine science and veterinary students keep watch through the night, helping veterinarians with foaling and exams. ​
  • Georg Steinhauser
    ​New research, co-authored by a CSU radiochemist, finds that radiation levels spiked in a wide variety of Fukushima foods after the nuclear accident there in 2011, then quickly fell to safe levels as defined by regulators. Researchers analyzed a vast amount of data from Japanese food samples.
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